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Chapter 1219 – I’m Not Good At Movement Techniques imminent excuse
Zhou Wen quickly recalled.
“I don’t treatment. No matter the reason, you should educate him. I end up with this son. Do when you deem match.” Hui Haifeng sat down and added themself a cup of herbal tea, neglecting Zhou Wen. He appeared as though he had been a scoundrel and this he was very proud to get a son.
Even so, to his big surprise, when Hui Haifeng discovered Zhou Wen, he decided to go over and punched him from the upper body. “Why didn’t you advise me before arriving at Sacred Area? You even abducted Small Wan. What’s the concept of this? Are you currently jealous which i have got a child? If you’re envious, say it. I’ll get Tiny Wan to become your G.o.dson to stop you from receiving jealous.”
Finding Zhou Wen acknowledge conquer, Liu Yujin didn’t say everything else.
Now, without even knowing what Heart and soul Strength Skill Zhou Wen obtained imparted, Hui Haifeng acquired defined it as a c.r.a.p. This change was too surprising.
The Unwilling Vestal
“That’s much more like it.” Hui Haifeng pressed Hui Wan’s go and questioned, “Cultivate the Heart and soul Strength Artwork your Uncle Zhou taught you. You don’t should cultivate other Basis Power Artistry down the road.”
“Little Wan, precisely what are you expecting? Rush up and gives your Uncle Zhou your brand-new year’s greetings. A crimson package is undoubtedly if you would like,” Hui Haifeng reported which has a look.
Hui Haifeng didn’t wait around for Liu Yujin to finish before releasing, “Yujin, it is my junior, Zhou Wen. Come up with a pa.s.s for him to ensure that they can enter into leaving freely to stay away from problems later on.”
Zhou Wen possessed part responsibility for identifying the Increase A fact activity process. Hui Haifeng also mentioned that half the movements strategy was Zhou Wen’s. He was embarra.s.sed to admiration the power of your movements technique as it may be similar to praising themself.
“Your Excellency, we invested so much energy to obtain the Substance Power Art work from your Household Clan of G.o.ds and created the corresponding Mythical Serum…” Liu Yujin hurriedly reminded Hui Haifeng.
In the same way Liu Yujin was approximately to say a little something, he discovered an individual get into. It turned out none other than Hui Haifeng, who has been dressed in conventional apparel.
Additionally, this motion procedure was just regarded typical to Zhou Wen.
“It’s average,” Zhou Wen stated casually.
“Dad… He stated that he’s not good at motion techniques…” Hui Wan located an opportunity and whispered.
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“I didn’t say so. He explained it themself,” Hui Wan waved his palm and pointed at Zhou Wen.
Zhou Wen possessed partial task for naming the 2x Genuine movements method. Hui Haifeng also declared that 50 % of the movement process was Zhou Wen’s. He was embarra.s.sed to compliments the power with the activity technique as it will be akin to praising himself.
Even so, to his amaze, when Hui Haifeng discovered Zhou Wen, he went over and punched him within the pectoral. “Why didn’t you inform me before arriving at Sacred Community? You even abducted Tiny Wan. What’s the concept of this? Are you envious we have a very daughter? If you’re jealous, say it. I’ll get Small Wan being your G.o.dson to prevent you from having envious.”
Hui Wan was somewhat unhappy. He obtained mixed emotions. Even though he didn’t wish for his father’s status to get harmed, also, he hoped that Zhou Wen can be as strong as you possibly can. So long as that was the way it is, value of what he figured out from Zhou Wen will be better.
In addition, this mobility strategy was only viewed as normal to Zhou Wen.
Even so, the location it protected was still rather sizable. Following pa.s.sing out from the front door, first thing he observed was really a substantial empty s.p.a.ce. It was subsequently much like a subject with a lot of members of the military teaching.
Zhou Wen experienced part responsibility for naming the 2x Real movements process. Hui Haifeng also claimed that part of the movements technique was Zhou Wen’s. He was embarra.s.sed to admiration the potency on the action process as it may be akin to praising themselves.
“Dad…” Hui Wan’s manifestation was odd almost like he needed to say one thing.
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“It’s regular,” Zhou Wen reported casually.
“That’s a lot more like it.” Hui Haifeng pushed Hui Wan’s head and asked, “Cultivate the Heart and soul Power Artwork your Uncle Zhou educated you. You don’t must cultivate other Heart and soul Vigor Artistry in the foreseeable future.”
“Your Excellency, we used a lot of efforts to get the Fact Vitality Craft out of the Household Clan of G.o.ds and came up with related Mythical Serum…” Liu Yujin hurriedly reminded Hui Haifeng.
“Your Excellency…” Liu Yujin was somewhat stunned. From Hui Haifeng’s manifestation, he appeared to be sure that that was the important Zhou Wen.
“Aren’t you shameless? It’s only the midst of the season, okay? New year’s greetings? Is not this too early on?” Zhou Wen was confused whether or not to have fun or cry.
Zhou Wen quickly recalled.
Hui Wan also knew that topic necessary Hui Haifeng’s consent. After some thought, he nodded in arrangement and joined the family area with Zhou Wen because they waited for Hui Haifeng’s come back.
Below Liu Yujin’s “escort,” Zhou Wen turned up facing a mansion just as before. Even so, Hui Wan obtained undertaken one side front door previously this time, people were using the major entrance.
“Dad… He explained that he’s not efficient at activity techniques…” Hui Wan observed the chance and whispered.
“With my junior’s Substance Strength Artwork, what do you need that c.r.a.p for?” Hui Haifeng’s words kept Liu Yujin’s mouth area agape.
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Liu Yujin couldn’t take what he was seeing and hearing. He was quoted saying coldly, “The Dual A fact motion process originated from the Hui household, but it’s used by lots of households inside the Federation’s four zones. It’s a obligatory activity technique for the military services. It really has been verified by numerous members of the military in various struggles. Even an army as solid as Luoyang’s Setting sun Army techniques the Double Genuine mobility process using a large scale. Sir, you said that this motion technique is ordinary. In my opinion you possess a greater movement procedure when compared to the 2x True movements approach?”


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